I came into this with an open mind. Before Freakin CrossFit I had never touched a barbell and it intimidated me because I felt that I needed to be some “athlete” to do it. In the back of my mind I had this fear that I was going to get “big”. I am already a taller woman with a curvy physique and I was afraid the muscle would make me look boxy and bulky. I made the decision to stop worrying about what my body was going to look like and just go for it. It has now been 10 months and I have found weightlifting to be so fun and inspiring. I’m always setting goals and smashing them. Everytime I reach another goal I am filled with so much exhilaration because I did it; I made that happen and it gives me a feeling of empowerment. I am now lifting weights that used to seem so out of the question and I feel a complete sense of accomplishment and pride. My body has transformed. I used to want to be thin because that was what I thought beauty was. But after weightlifting I am so in love with the way I look and my definition of beauty has changed completely. Now I am strong and I love how feminine and sexy I feel inside and out. I am 5’6 feet tall and fluctuate between 153-156 lbs. I in no way feel big; I feel Freakin fabulous!
-Erika Blanco (11/16/16)