Hey, Freaks! We’re excited to announce a brand new activities club that we’re calling “Outside the Box”.

Outside the Box is an activities club associated and organized by Freakin’ CrossFit’s owners and members. Our objective is to grow a group of like-minded people that love the outdoors, sports, fitness, health, and wellness, and gather together once a month outside of their CrossFit Box to do an activity.

The basis for this is simple: we do CrossFit and work out not only to keep our bodies fit, healthy, and looking good, but to be able to express ourselves in an active way and enjoy our bodies. CrossFit and the gym are great, but it is important to use the fitness and the bodies we develop to have fun outside of confines of a man-made facility.

Although it may be scary or intimidating to try some of these activities, think back to how you may have been intimidated to attempt your first snatch in front of people or to attempt a certain benchmark WOD for the first time — you were able to overcome your fears! Taking the leap to try some of these actives is the same thing. Just like CrossFit, these activities can be performed by anyone willing to try.

A CrossFit Box With No Borders

Starting in March of 2016, we will be gathering together once a month to go mountain biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, hold beach days, and many other activities that require us to get outside the box and express ourselves throughout Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. This group is not only for CrossFitters, but for anyone that shares the same interests as we do and wishes to be a part of the group.

To join the group, all you have to do is follow us on Instagram @outsidethebox_fcf and look out for the latest info and announcements. A schedule will be posted in advance so you can make plans to attend. There will be no form of payment, waiver, or attendance record. This is simply a group of people getting together outside the box to have fun and express ourselves. The time and place will be posted and all the info you need to know for participation. All you have to do is show up on time and follow directions.

For any additional information, contact us through our web site, or email shane@freakincrossfit.com. See you Outside the Box!