Freakin Nutrition by Javier Milian

A nutritional program tailored to each individual’s needs.

The Nutrition Program

Are you looking to get in shape, gain strength, or improve your general health? We at Freakin’ Nutrition are here to help you tackle your biggest goals! Nutrition coach Javier Milian, takes a science-based approach to structure a fully customized program that will work for you. Why spend weeks, months, or years trying out the latest fad diets hoping to get results, when you can get proven results with a program that puts you at the heart of it?

What to Expect

  • Science-based approach backed by overwhelming amounts of data and experience. Spend your time doing what works, and not what doesn’t.

  • A focus on improving sustainable eating habits which will support your goals for life

  • Flexibility to eat the foods you love! We teach you how to enjoy what you like while still supporting your goals.

  • You will be educated as you progress through the program. We want you to not just do what’s assigned, but also know why we’re having you do it.

  • Accountability & Passion from a dedicated nutritional coach, who will respond to all inquiries within 24hrs.

Our Focus

At Freakin’ Nutrition we don’t want to be your 21 day quick fix. There’s no such thing. Our focus is to make everyone that joins our program a more complete individual who can take these lessons with them for life. We want nutrition to allow you to live a happier and healthier life. You’ll have the benefit of a coach who will make sure you have all the tools and knowledge at your disposal to reach your goals. No matter the age, athlete level, or goal we have a plan to get you there!

Nutrition Concepts Incorporated

  • Flexible eating Ideology

  • Basic improvements to behavioral eating habits.

  • Body Fat and Weight Measurements

  • Accountability to stay with your new healthy lifestyle

Improve your Performance and physique through Advanced Coaching and Nutritional Programing

Freakin’ Fitness’s one-of-a-kind Nutritional Program is beneficial to anyone whose is looking to get in shape and/or advance their performance goals.

Freakin’ Nutrition Program Pricing

Note: Discounts Available for Early Registration 2017

 Freakin Nutrition Membership Fees


  • 3 Month Commitment
  • Includes a Macronutrient-based plan, one-on-one coaching, meal-timing strategies, grocery list, Private Facebook community, Recipes, 24-hour response time, and much more!

Any Questions:

Contact our Nutrition Coach Javier Milian at for scheduling and appointments.

Get in shape and feel better now with our Nutritional Program.