by Storm Kaufman

This is a shout out to our Pop, Michael Kaufman, who is 65 years old and using his health and fitness (a Pembroke Pines Freakin Fitness regular attendee) to help others.

After many years of writing training manuals for, and participating in, the world of adaptive SCUBA, Michael launched his own 501c in 2019, Therapeutic Scuba Institute, T.S.I.

The above photo of Michael, and a group of FIU Recreational Therapy students was taken upon the completion of an Adaptive Scuba Modality Lab course. Dr. Luciano Fiszer, (from our Box) is not in the photo but he attended the poolside program and actively participated and assisted in this lab. Luciano has expressed a keen interest in helping facilitate further programming. T.S.I. is grateful for his interest and assistance in the Therapeutic Scuba Institute.

Further advancements in T.S.I. include meetings with the MIAMI PROJECT to CURE PARALYSIS to continue work in designing and planning scientific research and to study further exploration in the therapeutic benefits of SCUBA. This summer, T. S. I. has also scheduled an Adaptive Kids Camp that will take kids with paralysis diving, coral restoration and educational programming. This will include implantation dives, for the kids.

There’s more! Michael was recently invited to serve as a guest speaker at a National Healthcare Summit sponsored by the  Paralyzed Veterans Association and at the statewide Recreational Therapy Convention this August.

Congratulations Pop! You keep doing the “good work” and we will keep you in shape.