Tactical Athletic Training in Miami-Dade and Broward County

FTAP is a unique athletic training program for first responders, EMT, military personnel, law enforcement, and other tactical professionals.

The Freakin’ Tactical Athlete Program – FTAP

We here at Freakin’ CrossFit are excited to announce our newest program addition, the Freakin Tactical Athlete Program (FTAP)!

We fully understand the demands that tactical professions require; in fact, this has been the driving force behind the development of the FTAP. This brand new program is designed for all athletes, from beginner to elite. The objective of the Freakin’ Tactical Athlete Program is to incorporate high-intensity functional workouts into drills that will focus on a multitude of tasks to complete, ranging from basic weapons marksmanship*, obstacle negotiation, defensive tactics and decision making — all while under extreme physical duress.

Next Level Training Pistols will be utilized, so there will be no live fire or live weapons used during this training program. Safety is our number one priority!

FTAP is an 8-week program with up to 3 training sessions per week. Physical goals will focus on strength and conditioning specialized for the tactical athlete and professional. As a critical component of nearly every tactical profession is to rely on those to your left and right, this program will also place emphasis on team work at various points of training. To keep a constant training stimulus, FTAP participants will be given access to one CrossFit class after attending six FTAP training sessions.

Note: Although all movements can be modified/scaled to fit each individual athlete, a basic understanding of physical fitness is required. Movements will be instructed with scale-down options available, and may utilize walls, ropes, tires, atlas stones, yokes/sleds, barbells, kettlebells, sand bags, and body weight movements, among other obstacles and equipment.

FTAP Fact Sheet

The goal of FTAP is to better prepare our tactical professionals and become more physically capable to accomplish any task they may face in the line of duty. This program will be safely conducted at the Freakin’ CrossFit facility, with frequent “field” trips outside the facility grounds.

To accomplish this, FTAP training will consist of 20 sessions over the course of 8 weeks. Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0530 to 0700, and Saturday from 0700 to 0830.

What to Expect from FTAP

  • Diverse programming methodology to mimic real-world obstacles and scenarios.
  • Basic weapons marksmanship instruction and application, while under fatigue, using Next Level Training’s SIRT Pistol and LaserLyte Training Targets.
  • Rigorous training sessions that mirror the tempo of all tactical professions.
  • Class size of a maximum 12 athletes.
  • Focus on tactical strength and conditioning, technique instruction and team work

Tactical Training Concepts Incorporated

  • Basic pistol marksmanship, both practical and instruction-based
  • Target acquisition and decision making while under physical duress and fatigue, with training pistols and targets
  • Basic hand-to-hand combatives, both practical and instruction-based
  • Team camaraderie and cohesion

Improve Competencies in Accuracy, Precision, and Endurance Under Duress

Freakin’ Crossfit’s one-of-a-kind FTAP program is beneficial to anyone whose job requires athletic performance under extreme physical duress.

Freakin’ CrossFit FTAP Program Pricing

Note: Discounts Available for Contract Engagements

 FTAP Course Registration Prices


$399per person
  • Full Price
  • Register After July 1

Early Bird

  • Discount Price
  • Register By July 1

FCF Members

$299per person
  • Add-On Price
  • Register After July 1

Contract engagements for private group training are available upon request. Please contact the FTAP Program Staff, at ftap@freakincrossfit.com with any questions, or to discuss pricing/scheduling options.

Will your organization be next to take tactical athletic physical training to a new level?

Private Group Training Options Available:

(Contact FTAP Staff for a private quote.)

FTAP can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of any tactical profession, and we make it even easier for colleagues to train together by offering private group training packages. Private group training is a great way to foster a close-knit bond and develop trust and unity within a cohesive unit – and as we all know, trust is the foundation for every successful team.

A wide variety of tactical professionals have already experienced the benefits of FTAP’s tactical athletic programming, including:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”)
  • Military Special Operations
  • Miami-Dade Police Department Special Response Team (“SRT”) and SWAT
  • United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard
  • Pembroke Pines Police Department
  • Monroe County Fire Rescue
  • Florida State Police
  • Broward County Emergency Medical Services (“EMS”)