Freakin Fitness Teens is a strength and conditioning program for athletic and non athletic teens alike.

The goal of the program is to motivate, inspire and encourage teens to exercise and find a passion for health and fitness that they carry on throughout their lives

CrossFit Teens Program Details

Freakin Fitness Teens focuses on teaching the CrossFit methodology, which is using constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. This means in our program we combine age appropriate movements from sports such as weightlifting and gymnastics, combine it with high intensity training, to result in optimal fitness for teens.

Each class is coached by a certified Trainer, during which teens will learn proper weightlifting mechanics and techniques to enhance their strength and power; gymnastics to help with their mobility and flexibility, and endurance training to help with their conditioning.

With our program, we aim to help teens gain the strength both physically and mentally to tackle any obstacles inside or outside the Box.

Freakin’ CrossFit Teens Facts

  • Teaches functional movements properly and safely to prevent injuries during daily activities and other sports

  • Helps improve agility, coordination, balance and flexibility

  • Will increase strength and power while improving endurance

  • Teaches teens how to set goals and work hard to achieve them

  • Provides a healthy environment for teens to make friends, workout and gain healthy habits

  • Boosts social and team-working skills

  • Builds confidence and belief in their unlimited potential


Hours of Operation are changing due to the Pandemic.

Please Contact the Office for more details.

Limited space available. Call for availability

CrossFit Teems Membership Pricing


$165per month
  • Full Price

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