Congrats to Nicholas Kaniaris for member of the Month! It’s been a long time coming but extremely deserved. Nicholas has been a member here at Freakin since Feb. 2015. He has attended/checked in to our gym 1191 times. And I know he probably missed a few more check ins over the years. The Kaufman family has grown fond of Nick, as a solid 5am member who hates to miss even a single day. In fact, he was just told recently that it was Mandatory for him to take a rest day after a grueling CrossFit competition. Even as a Master’s athlete, his amazing endurance that he has gained over the years, has given him more energy than anyone I’ve coached. Always ready to go and compete with his friends. Speaking of friends, he is ALWAYS welcoming to new members, teammates, and is always supportive to the beginner and the advanced athlete. If you are new to our community and are attending the 5am team class, look for Nick as a partner. You’ll have a blast during your workout.

Sincerely, Coach Storm

Tell us about yourself?
I’m a 42 YO Greek dude whose been participating in CF for about 6 years. I have a 12YO boy who loves soccer and busting my balls. I pay for CrossFit with a career in Commercial banking. I sit on the board for Junior Achievement of South Florida and the Early Learning Coalition. I recently purchased 2 French Bulldogs and nearly drowned one in the first 5 min when he jumped in the pool. I grew up in a weird city called Homosassa. I will do sexual favors for Acai bowls.

What made you start CrossFit?
I did years of strength training and running and still did not look sexy naked, just ask Logan. In addition, strength training and running are solitary sports, which doesn’t match my personality. My ex-wife told me about cross-fit. I tried CF a couple years later and instantly fell in love. I was drawn to: trying new movements, someone designing new workouts daily for me, coaching, an app to track my progress, specialty classes and the competitive environment.

What have you learned since joining Freakin CrossFit?
I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. I was completely ignorant about how to warm up, the value of mobility, varying modalities and time domains, gymnastics, Olympic lifting, nutrition, importance of sleep… All I knew was run 10 miles on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays and do the same training splits in the gym Tuesday and Thursday. I’ve learned that reaching your potential is a combination of knowledge, effort and dedication. I’ve always been dedicated and worked hard but the limiting factor in getting better was my lack of knowledge.

What is your proudest CrossFit moment?
Standing on the podium with my Homies, Hector and Santi at the Throwdown last year. We train together and bullshit together and it was great competing with them and doing well. Also, this past weekend at Force Wars, I was tasked with making up a deficit on an Assault bike in the last WOD of the weekend and had my crew vigorously supporting me through the pain. We ended with a favorable result and I was so humbled by support my friends gave me.

What’s your favorite exercise movement?
Everything sucks when it’s in a WOD, but I guess running is my favorite movement since it seems to suck more for everyone else.

What are your CrossFit goals?
I have a lot of them and I wrote them down and have a plan to tackle them this year. That is the beauty of CF, you are never done. There is always something to get better at no matter if you are Tia-Clair or Joan.

What does your nutrition look like? Has it changed since starting CrossFit?
I have no idea what my nutrition looks like, because I only seem to remember the good stuff I ate and forget the handful of chocolates and candy I eat at work. I’ve tried using My Fitness Pal, but entering the information can be cumbersome. I think the only solution may be a meal plan. My nutrition has changed a great deal. It started with cutting down on carbs then reducing sugar and then increasing veggies, learning about marcos. Now I’ve discovered that drinking every day is bad for you so I stopped drinking during the week. It’s constantly evolving.

What is one tip you would give someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit or just started?
Couple thoughts. First, the same thing someone told me when I started, “leave your ego at the door”. People younger, smaller and with less testosterone will kick your butt every day and that’s ok. Focus on yourself. Second, when you come into the box for the first time it’s going to look overwhelming and chaotic. Don’t let that intimidate you. Soon it will all make sense like Neo understanding the Matrix. You will always have a helping hand to guide you along the way.

When you’re not CrossFitting, what is your favorite thing to do?


Anything you’d like to add:
The best thing about Freakin CF are the relationships. My best friends are at the gym. Life can be tough and Freakin CF helps build a protective wall from bulls*$t smacking me in the face. I am so thankful to have a place where I can get mentally recharged, reset my confidence each morning and feel invigorated to take on the responsibilities of a professional career.