Rodolfo has been at Freakin CrossFit for almost a year and is one of our most consistent members. Even if he knows he is going to be late due to traffic or work, he still shows up, does his burpee penalty and joins the class. Rodolfo is intent on perfecting his movements. To do so, he listens to the coaching, he is patient and he works hard through the progressions. He never wastes a class. He utilizes every one to his full advantage.Throughout his time at Freakin CrossFit he has made clear the love he has for CrossFit and for the CrossFit community. Rodolfo is one that does not hesitate to motivate other members in class. He makes sure that if he is done with the workout, the people that are still working feel encouraged and motivated to keep going and to not give up. Coach Kyle describes him as “a gentleman” always paying attention to others and helping if he can.  Rodolfo also likes to show his support for the community in other ways.  Such as when the box has events he makes sure to be involved. Rodolfo himself has said he is not the “competitor type” so he is happy to help his Box in anyway possible. Rodolfo understands the importance of community in CrossFit and that is why he was selected as December’s Member of the Month. We appreciate what he gives back to the CrossFit Community and hope to have him with us for many years to come!
Read below to learn more about Rodolfo’s CrossFit journey.

Tell us about yourself?
Well, these things are always hard for me but I’ll try my best. I’m originally from Venezuela. I moved to the US eighteen years ago. I work as a pharma rep. I have been married for almost 8 years to my wife Ana. She was my sister’s best friend in Venezuela and we’ve known each other since we were 13 years old. We have 2 kids, Luca 4 and Mia 7. They are the loves of our life and I really hope they start doing CrossFit soon.

What made you start Crossfit?
Initially, when my daughter was born I went from being 200 pounds to 250. I gained the same weight that my wife did. She lost it the day she gave birth and I kept it. I tried the gym but it was boring and I didn’t see any results, so I knew I needed to try something different. My cousin at the time was doing CrossFit so he introduced me and I decided to give it a try. Three months later I was back at my weight. I left for a little bit because we moved often and I couldn’t find a gym that I liked. When my son was born, I went through to the same cycle, so I’m back.

What have you learned since joining Freakin CrossFit?
That a good trainer and good programming is what makes the difference. I had been in five  gyms total but none like Freakin CrossFit. Everything about the gym is great. The community, the coaches and the facility are insane!

What is your proudest CrossFit moment?
Getting those damn muscle ups!

What’s your favorite exercise movement?
Cleans and push jerks

What are your CrossFit goals?
Right now, to get back to 200 pounds and after that, we will see. I’m not the competition type, but with all the motivation around the gym, I may give it a try.

What does your nutrition look like? Has it changed since starting CrossFit?
I try to watch my portions and eat Paleo but it is hard because I am on the street the whole day and every once in a while I cheat. But lately, I been counting every calorie and I’ve been seeing better results. So far I’ve lost 35 pounds.

What is one tip you would give someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit or just started CrossFit?
Be patient, keep a healthy diet, become part of the community and know that the soreness will go away with more exercise. Also, make sure to keep track of everything you do in SugarWod (our workout tracking system). That’s how you are going to keep track of your successes and see your improvements.

When you’re not CrossFitting, what is your favorite thing to do?
I like spending time with my kids and wife. We take them to the movies, just do stuff around the house or every once in a while we like to hit the road and go snowboarding or exploring new places.   We also love the beach and I love any water sport, especially surfing (even when Florida sucks for it).

Anything else they would like to add:
I love this box and as I mentioned, I’ve been in several CrossFit gyms but this one is special. Every coach is an expert and they practice what they preach. There is nothing worse than a fat guy telling you how to lose weight or get in shape. The members are great and there is good energy all around. My day is empty if I don’t come to the gym and work out. I try to come six times week. It may seem like a lot but it really gives me the energy to move through my days. Thank you so much for picking me as a member of the month and supporting my goals.