Alex Ramos is the definition of a great member. He always arrives  with a humble and positive attitude.  Every time he walks through the door you are greeted with a smile first and no matter what the workout is for the day, he attacks it with an open mind.  When Alex was injured with a shoulder issue he became more aware of proper form and movement as well as scaling when needed.  Scaling movements never deterred or demotivated him from getting better because he knew he could trust in his coaches to get him back to shape.  He would always stay after class to ask a questions and do the accessory work that was needed to get him back to shoulder health.  Now his shoulder is back and better than it was before along with being better overall as an athlete.  Alex always asked, along with other people in his class, if he can help clean or assist with anything else in the box.  He always gives his feedback and helps other members in his class, the community, when they are having trouble with a movement in a WOD.  We are all very excited to see what Alex can do in the future and are very grateful to have him in our Freakin Fitness community.

Tell us about yourself?
Just a regular guy in the full throes of domesticity, until the kid gets a little older.
You know the drill – work, home, family, & commuting.

What made you start CrossFit?
I didn’t really start “CrossFit” specifically. I more so just started training here at Freakin’ – and it just so happens that the methodology here is CrossFit. After my son started school, my wife went back to work full time, and things at work were stable again, I tried getting back to a regular work out schedule. It was difficult to go at it alone with family schedules being more complicated than when I was younger. I needed something dependable, structured, safe, and established – but still progressively difficult. I checked out a few places. I tried a couple programs that fellow parents recommended. It took a couple years. Couldn’t find a good fit. I injured myself. Certain programs felt trivial. Some locations were unprofessional or offered no guidance. I walked into Freakin’ out of desperation – intimidated by the CrossFit myths out there. Maryln gave me a welcoming tour. Julie coached an encouraging On Ramp. And, just like that, I’d started CrossFit!

What have you learned since joining Freakin CrossFit?
The most important thing I’ve learned here is the value of good coaching. Having joined at 40 years old, I thought I had a good idea what I was physically capable of. I couldn’t have achieved any significant improvement in my fitness without the coaches here. About 1.5 years after joining, I can confidently say the programming and the coaching here make all the difference. I’ve learned a bunch about fitness – but I wouldn’t have learned it without the coaching.

What is your proudest CrossFit moment?
My proudest CrossFit moment was overcoming an injury. I injured my clavicle in August 2018. I went to physical therapy, scaled countless exercise, and recovered steadily under Kyle’s diligent coaching. After 6 months, I completed the same movement at a slightly higher weight! It’s not a huge deal. But, before training at Freakin, if I injured myself, I blamed it on age and discontinued the activity altogether.

What’s your favorite exercise movement?
I like the bodyweight stuff the most (pistols, pull ups, etc). I’m not great at them, but…Don’t you feel more gratified after some pistol squats & pull ups? Can’t cheat those.

What are your CrossFit goals?
This sounds corny, but my main goal is consistency. Just showing up a certain number of times a week and going at it as well as I can that day. I mean…a lot of the Olympic barbell movements are an enigma to me. I’ve never climbed a rope in my life. Muscle ups are basically magic as far as I can tell. There are probably some worthwhile goals in there. But, honestly, I just gotta make sure I get here as often as possible.

What does your nutrition look like? Has it changed since starting CrossFit?
My nutrition is OK, but it’s relative. I’ve tried to be cognizant of my diet for years now. I splurge sometimes (recovering fat kid!!!), but I try to mostly stick with “clean” foods – few ingredients, natural stuff. It’s an uphill battle. Only two things have really changed about my nutrition since starting CrossFit – meal timing and less alcohol.
**Also, shout out to Freakin Nutrition for posting info and videos. I’m not a client, but they give out quality info.

What is one tip you would give someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit or just started?
Only ONE??? Recovery! Treat recovery like it’s AS important as the exercising. Sleep more. Stretch more. More mobility work. Seek it out. Ask the coaches how they recover (everyone has different preferences).
I had a really tough time with muscle soreness when I started. Freakin coaches gave me tips and techniques that really helped out.

When you’re not CrossFitting, what is your favorite thing to do?
Eating! (easiest answer ever)

Anything else they would like to add:
A big THANK YOU to the staff and coaches at Freakin. It can’t always be easy to provide a great environment for us, but you do! You help make us better. Thank you!