Pembroke Pines, FL –

Freakin’ CrossFit is proud to announce the launch of the Freakin’ Tactical Athlete Program, or “FTAP”, gearing up for a July 12th, 2016 inaugural launch. With this announcement, we are excited to include a new promotional video on the Freakin’ CrossFit YouTube Channel dedicated solely to explaining the FTAP program and what it entails.

FTAP is a unique athletic training program for first responders, EMS/EMT, military personnel, law enforcement, and other tactical professionals, designed to help them accomplish any physical task they may face in the line of duty. FTAP is offered both as a public or private (by contract) 8-week course. The video, which premiers today, features testimonials from pilot FTAP Athletes from the new tactical training and conditioning program, along with background information conveyed by the FTAP Program Manager and Head Coach Will Henke, a US Army Veteran.

Physical Training for Miami-Dade and Broward County Tactical Professionals

It’s no secret, tactical populations are not being adequately trained to maintain the rigors of what they face day in and day out from a strength and conditioning perspective. And with Miami-Dade and Broward counties serving as headquarters to some of the nations finest tactical professionals, we feel positioned to bridge that gap.

We’ve created a premier strength and conditioning program, tailored to all tactical professions, by tactical professionals. Our coaching staff has countless years of verifiable, real-world experience in the fields of Military Special Operations, Fire Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, Exercise Physiology, and Strength and Conditioning. And based on the feedback we’ve been getting from our successful pilot program and word-of-mouth referrals, we’re seeing great demand for this sort of programming.

– FTAP Program Manager and Head Coach Will Henke

FTAP and the Freakin’ CrossFit Facility in Pembroke Pines, FL

With a spacious 38,000 square-foot indoor/outdoor (13,000 square-foot indoor/25,000 square-foot outdoor) fitness facility, it’s 8,100 square-foot artificial turf, gymnastics and mobility areas, it’s no surprise that the Freakin’ CrossFit facility is the perfect home for all tactical fitness needs.

Using the top of the line equipment available at Freakin’ CrossFit, our FTAP athletes are able to train every aspect of tactical physical training, including: walls, ropes, tires, atlas stones, yokes/sleds, barbells, kettlebells, sand bags, and body weight movements, among other obstacles and equipment. The program also incorporates the use of Next Level Training SIRT Pistols and LaserLyte Targets for basic marksmanship while under extreme physical duress, which forces tactical professionals to make decisions while in high-stress situations, better mimicking real-world scenarios.

Through our promotional video launching today, all of these facility features are captured in stunning HD resolution, complete with slow-motion shots of some of the movements prospective athletes will grow accustomed to once becoming a part of this unique program.

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For more information on the Freakin’ Tactical Athlete Program, visit our FTAP page, or email Will Henke directly. You can also follow @fcf_ftap on Instagram to receive updates to the program.