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Frank is the webmaster for Freakin' CrossFit, and has been a member at the box since 2015. A NY/NJ licensed attorney, Frank works in the areas of Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Consulting.

October 2016

Freakin’ Tips – Power Snatch

By | October 26th, 2016|

The first of many videos in our “Freakin’ Tips” movement demo series is now live on YouTube. In this video, Coach Logan and Coach Shane demonstrate the proper mechanics of the Power Snatch, as well as point out some common mistakes made in performing the movement.

Be sure to like this video and subscribe to the […]

May 2016

Freakin’ CrossFit’s Tactical Athlete Program (FTAP) Video Premier

By | May 31st, 2016|

Pembroke Pines, FL –

Freakin’ CrossFit is proud to announce the launch of the Freakin’ Tactical Athlete Program, or “FTAP”, gearing up for a July 12th, 2016 inaugural launch. With this announcement, we are excited to include a new promotional video on the Freakin’ CrossFit YouTube Channel dedicated solely to explaining the FTAP program and what it entails.

FTAP is a unique athletic training program for first responders, EMS/EMT, military personnel, law enforcement, and other tactical professionals, designed to help them accomplish any physical task they may face in the line of duty. FTAP is offered both as a public or private (by contract) 8-week course. The video, which premiers today, features testimonials from pilot FTAP Athletes from the new tactical training and conditioning program, along with background information conveyed by the FTAP Program Manager and Head Coach Will Henke, a US Army Veteran.

Memorial Day “Murph”: The Hero Behind the Hurt

By | May 27th, 2016|

As some of our longtime members already know, this Memorial Day at 9:00AM, a special session will be held for performing “Murph,” a hero WOD dedicated to one of our nation’s fallen soldiers.

Like many great CrossFit Affiliates, Freakin’ CrossFit has a standing tradition of the Memorial Day Murph. We welcome all members to the box on Memorial […]

March 2016

Freakin’ CrossFit Premiers New Promotional Video

By | March 22nd, 2016|

Pembroke Pines, FL –

Freakin’ CrossFit, one of the largest indoor/outdoor CrossFit and sports recreation facilities in Broward/Miami Dade county, is both excited and proud to launch its new promotional video on its new YouTube Channel.

The video features testimonials from current members of the ever-expanding CrossFit affiliate, along with background information about […]