I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience as a CrossFitter during my two pregnancies and after my deliveries.

During my first pregnancy, unfortunately I wasn’t able to continue my CrossFit training. My Doctor advised me, due to some bleeding in my first trimester, to discontinue CrossFit. I continued some exercises at a gym by myself, I swam and I walked. But in spite of my efforts I had swollen feet, I ate too much and I gained a lot of weight. My recovery from the C-section was horrible. I felt I had lost muscle and gained a lot of fat during the pregnancy. I felt very weak and fat. I did not return to my CrossFit training until 3 months after my delivery. It took 1 year to return back to my normal weight.

Two years later I became pregnant with my second child. This time the doctor allowed me to keep up my Crossfit training. Every day my coach, Logan, did a lot of modifications on the WOD’s to protect me and my baby’s health. He would keep his eyes on me even with a full class. I really appreciated his work and I felt completely different compared to my first pregnancy.

Doing Crossfit motivated me to eat well and I didn’t gain extra fat. I didn’t lose muscle. My feet did not swell! I was able to train 3 days before my delivery! And the most impressive experience was my recovery from my C-section. The first day after the C-section, when I stood up for the first time, I could feel the difference and it was amazing. I was able to go back to my CrossFit training only 7 weeks after the delivery.

Continuing to CrossFit throughout my second pregnancy was a great experience and I hope it encourages other pregnant women to not stop CrossFit training. The entire staff and the community at the Freakin CrossFit box constantly motivated me with nice words and smiles. Thank you everyone.

Ana Cristina do Vol